Steubenville High School Rape

This Democracy Now story about the Steubenville rape case shows the video that hacker group Anonymous leaked. The video exposes that the high school football team harassed and allegedly raped an underage girl. Charges have been made and the trial has begun. With the Notre Dame football rape case, the victim, Lizzy Seeberg, committed suicide. For that reason, there are no charges against the football players. They continue their regular lives as their crime goes unpunished. While rape didn’t bother the authorities that much, the lie one of the Notre Dame football players (Manti Te’o) told about the death of a fake girlfriend was seen outrageous. This article and this one critique institutional rape tolerance and sexism in our society while the chart below taken from the Washington Post article shows that the fact that false rape accusations are exceedingly rare, despite what media reports might suggest. Almost as rare are cases when rapists actually go to jail. reported rape happens every 6.2 minutes on average in the United States.rapist_visualization_01


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