Super Bowl Commercial

Like most of North America, I too was watching the super bowl today. As we know one of the main attractions are the commercials that air during the show. To no ones surprise Go Daddy, the internet domain registrar company, had one of the most talked about ads during the game. It displays sexism at its finest! What do we get from the ad? Nothing new really, I mean women aren’t capable of anything other than being a “sexy representative” for your company. Then we have nerd (another stereotype here?) who is capable of building that killer website for your company! The game is viewed by a lot of people and this type of message should not be displayed to all those watching.

P.S. from what I’ve been reading online this commercial wasn’t as popular with the general audience. I wonder why? Because it was sexist? No, most people were disturbed with the fact that Bar Refaeli, the model, kissed the nerd!



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