Wifey Material


By: Alexandra Cannady

The term “wifey material” is a new sexist term used by younger age groups to describe a woman who is worth marrying based on a certain list of expectations. On this list are things like being able to cook or do sexual acts adequately. I find this concept and term to be very sexist. I found this meme with the caption #WifeyMaterial posted by a man along with much support from his female friends on Facebook. So a woman who is willing to cook a three course meal or go get beer for her husband in a snow storm is worth marrying just for those things she is willing to do to please her husband? This concept not only degrades women but also degrades the meaning of marriage. Where is it stated that men are the stars of the relationship? Society that’s where. I rather not be married at all then given a qualification sheet informing me of what i need to be able to do in order to find a husband. What makes men husband worthy? I don’t think being able to cook is on their list. If you ask me any man who would want/let their wife go out in the snow just to get them beer is not husband worthy.


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