VAWA Violence Against Women Act Passes!!

VAWA Violence Against Women Act Passes!!

This article celebrate the passing of a very important bill, a step in the right direction for women’s rights, and human rights, in the United States. Not only does it provide protections and support for women, it also provides them for LGBT, immigrants and Native Americans. I’m pretty sure this is a good thing.

According to Wikipedia (yes I used Wikipedia), the original version of this bill which was enacted in 1994 under the Clinton administration, resulted in safer conditions and lower violence rates against women. The bill was renewed in 2000 and again in 2005, however in 2012, house Republicans opposed it’s renewal after several years of attempting to cut funding. Today it passed, and the only people who voted against it were Republicans. This is where the sexism comes into play, and racism too, considering who the bill protects overall. I guess some Republicans just don’t seem to care much about women (nor their bodies)…or for anyone who is not a white man. 




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