The Digital Safety Gap and the Online Harassment of Women

This article presents some interesting points to follow our article from Friday 3/1 in which we discussed women in video games. This article looks at the online treatment of women and how public space has been and still is largely controlled by men. When it comes to online interaction, women are 25 times more likely to be sexually harrassed when there is an indication in the username that might lead someone to believe that she is in fact female. It’s disturbing to see that women’s opinions are criticized for simply being theirs, and whats even scarier is the fact that “the online safety gap mirrors the real world one.”

Anita Sarkeesian’s case is also mentioned in this article to show the extent that online threats can have. After releasing her short video about the research she wanted to conduct about women’s portrayals in video games, the comments section of her video had to be shut down because of the massive amount of negative comments and threats. This shows just how sexist the public sphere can be.


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