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Nice Sandwich

This is a typical Carl’s Jr. advertisement. Early in the quarter we read the book The Rise of Enlightened Sexism and this is one of the advertisements that Susan Douglas specifically addressed. This is one of the sexual objectification of women to sell their food product through the media. In the advertisement there is of … Continue reading

Payless Ad

The reason why I loaded this picture was because while reading our last article it mentions that the phrases “girl culture”, and “girl power” make it seem as though they are making women more powereful, but in reality calling them “girls” instead of women really emphasizes the problem. In this ad that came to me … Continue reading

Women Drivers Meme

Memes are some the most uncontrollable media outlets floating around our social media sites right now. Memes allow you to take any image and make it say or mean whatever you want. The original meaning of the image does not have any relevance. This is characteristic of memes is rather problematic and that is why … Continue reading