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Sexist comments about Katherine Webb from ESPN sports analyst Brent Musburger

On Jan. 7, the Twitter-verse exploded when Musburger singled out Webb, 23, who’s the current Miss Alabama as well as University of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron‘s girlfriend, in the stands at the BCS Champion Game between the Crimson Tide and Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish. His comments were very sexist and helped give Katherine Webb 15 minutes of … Continue reading

Abortion Ban

Abortion Ban Abortion is a very touchy subject in my house hold as we are Catholic but I still fine this issue to be very sexist. The article was not misogynistic but I find the fact that decisions being made about women’s reproductive rights are being mad by men. Men do not have to carry … Continue reading

The Petition is Up

CNN’s Steubenville Rape Coverage Draws Petition Demanding Apology The famed network is recieving a lot of back lash for the backwards coverage of the rape trial. CNN has spent more time focusing on the damage to the lives and the “promising futures” of the two teenagers convicted of raping a girl than on what had … Continue reading

In other News

I was interested to see the news immediatley following Yahoos top stories. It was but by grace that I heard the news of Sofia Veraga freezing her eggs and revealing her bra size, If i had clicked on something relevant I may had never known! In the same stroke of luck I got to see … Continue reading

Gun Control and Women’s Emotions Great video (17:40) This video from The Rachel Maddow show discusses the current gun control debate which is being led by Sen. Diane Feinstein. Specifically, this shows the discussion between Sen. Feinstein and Sen. Ted Cruz who patronizes Feinstein during a debate of whether its is unconstitutional to take weapons away from citizens. Rachel … Continue reading

Disney and Sexism

Here is a video that I found on youtube, and its about Disney and its use of sexism in its movies.  Disney is a popular company and well known movie maker that has produced several classics and has create well known iconic characters.  The sexist messages are evident through out the movies that it has … Continue reading